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Amazon Finds

Screen Printing Supplies

Screen Printing Mesh

Used for re-meshing your screen.

Screen Roller and Hook

Used for re-meshing your screen.

Screen Printing Frame and Base

Base is useful when you want to make sure your design is lined every time.


Drawing Fluid and Filler Set

 This is a non permanent alternative to Photo Emulsion

Fabric Ink

 Used to apply ink to Tees/Totes/Crews etc. Other colors available.


 Fabric Squeegee for applying ink


Red Baron Squeegee

Another Squeegee alternative

Sticker Making Supplies 

Printable Vinyl

 Affordable Sticker paper that can be used with Laser or Inkjet Printers.

Self Adhesive Laminating Sheets

Used for adding an extra layer of protection to your stickers and printable decals. 

Matte Labels

Quality Matte sticker paper, pricier option. 

Frosted Vinyl

I use this to add a little razzle dazzle to my stickers. This is an alternative to the self adhesive laminating sheets. It still adds that layer of protection and sparkle. 

My go to Vinyl


Vinyl Frog

*Fun Finds*

Milk Frother

Glass Milk Carton


*Honey Sticks Supplies*

Candy Sticks

Cellophane Bags

Candy Molds